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Possum Control Melbourne

Possums can be a nuisance when they are the cause of recurring disturbances at night, particularly noise in your roof. It is important to know that you must not harm possums in attempts to move them from your roof. Possums are a protected species, and putting them in harm’s way can land you in a lot of trouble. The best solution is hiring a professional to apply possum control techniques.

Common Possum Problems

Possums in Australia are protected by the National Wildlife Act and have been since 1975. If you are considering trapping or moving possums from your home in Melbourne or anywhere else in Victoria, read up on possums and the law provided by the Department of Sustainability and Environment. Breaching these regulations can carry penalties of up to $5000.

If Possums are causing problems in your roof or walls the best possum control is to call a professional like Possum Pete.

Possum control involves firstly inspecting your premises and then fitting a hatch to allow possums to evacuate. Once they have evacuated the point of entry can be secured preventing re entry.

Possum control in this way prevents damage to ceilings, walls and wiring.

Several methods of possum control can be discussed with an experienced operator like Possum Pete.

For unbeatable safe and effective possum control techniques from a professional with many years experience, contact Possum Pete on (1800POSSUMS) 1800 7677 867 or submit an enquiry

If you require possum control Melbourne assistance call Possum Pete on (1800POSSUMS) – 18007677867

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