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Possum noises in roof

When you hear noises in your roof, it is likely that possums are causing those. Call Possum Pete ASAP before damage is caused or possums end up in your bedroom .


Possums dwell in the hollowed trees in the wild, but the drastic deforestation since the past few years has forced them to find shelter in urban areas. Possums can take refuge in your roof and make you wonder “what are the noises in my roof?” They can also enter your home through wall cavities and other tiny gaps in your home’s walls, floors etc. Once they enter homes, they will surely create a mess. This is why you should contact us at the earliest.

We have experienced professionals who can get the work done without a mess. We are experts in removing and catching both types of common possums in Melbourne such as: Bushtail and Ringtail possums. We make sure that our removal tasks do not breach the “The Wildlife Act of 1975” according to which, possums are protected species.

When our experts visit your home, they try to identify the entry points of Possums. They shut down all the entry points but one. This gap is left for a one way exit. After we have carried out our tasks adequately you will find that possums will leave through the gap left. If your roof has been significantly damaged by possum infestation, then we can mend that too. Before we leave your premise we will offer advices for future precaution.

Stop asking yourself, “What are the noises in my roof?”And Contact us now.


Possums in Roof


Possums in roof can keep you awake on nights and not only that, they can also cause significant damage to your home as well as the roof. The major problem with possum removal is that these indigenous pests are a protected species. Any removalist requires prior permission from authorities and a valid license to carry out the task. This is why you need the qualified team of Possum Pete by your side.

We safely remove possums in roof without causing any harm to these pests. We follow various processes based on the severity of infestation. Sealing off all the possum entry points and keeping an exit option is the best process, as it means we do not have to tackle the Possums. But, if the severity is more, then we may place cages on the roofs. We will also inspect if there are any trees overlooking your roof, which may cause possum’s frequent visits. All the solutions we provide are customized as per your needs.

We guarantee results with our possum removal services. Our removal methods ensure:

  • There is no physical harm done to the possums
  • We use no hazardous chemicals that may affect not only the possums but your living too
  • We suggest solutions after a detailed inspection and understanding, so our solutions are 100% effective
  • We can offer fast services, which means there will be minimum disruption to your daily activities


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