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Possum Problems Melbourne

Possum problems are a common complaint heard amongst urban residents in Melbourne. The complications they cause in and around your home can cause great distress. If you are aware of possums on your premises, then you have a dilemma. The longer possums are allowed to make your residence its home, the more severe these possum problems become.

Common Possum Problems

Irritating Noises

The most common possum problems found in urban residencies would most certainly be the noise they create. Whilst the noises are not particularly pleasant sounding, it is more the time of day that these noises occur that make them such a problem. Possums are a nocturnal marsupial, meaning they do most of their activity at night.

The noises possums create can be very disturbing to a person trying to sleep. They are particularly noisy when moving around inside a roof, making loud thumping noises as they run from one side to another and as they bump into walls. Other common noises include loud scratching sounds.

Possums outside can be just as loud. They run quite heavy. A person inside the house can hear the thump of a possum running around on top of their roof, even if it is tiled. Other outside noises that can be heard from inside include screeches, hisses, growls and deep cough-type sounds.

Another indirect form of irritating noise caused by possums is dogs barking. Dogs get defensive when they see other animals on their territory and will bark at them incessantly to try and scare them away. Being that possums are nocturnal, this barking will usually occur at night. This is a nuisance to neighbouring residents also.

Bad Odours

Another set of possum problems are the awful smells they create. Decaying food scraps left around by possums can lead to displeasing odours, but not nearly as much as excretion. Possum droppings and urination can produce an objectionable smell, especially if they have been around for some time.

The most repulsive possum smell is that of a decaying carcass of a dead possum. If a possum has died after being stuck in your roof or chimney, it is a truly nauseating procedure to remove it. Unfortunately, the smell can linger even once the carcass has been removed. This is a job best left to a professional.

Property Damage

Damage to property and garden plants are also distressing possum problems. Property damage can even be quite costly to be repaired*. Possums have been known to chew through cables and hoses. They can also scratch and chew their way through plasterboard walls and roofs if they are determined enough.

Possums can also be detrimental to roof insulation, from tearing insulation to contaminating insulation. Insulation that has been contaminated by urine and faeces can require professional decontamination or full insulation replacement.

A possum can also leave large stains on the ceiling or inside wall cavities from urination.

*NOTE: In some cases, possum property damage is claimable against your household insurance. Check with your insurance company

Possum problems in Melbourne suburban areas are growing.

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