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Possum Removal Melbourne

Hearing noises on your roof at night? Losing sleep over thumping and scampering noises is only the start of the problem. There’s a good chance you have possums that have made their home on your roof. These animals are also known as night crawlers as they stay asleep during the day and come active during the night. Possums lay dormant in your roof cavity as they use it for the warmth the sun provides but at the same time shelter for safety from predators while they sleep. Possum removal at first signs of detection is required in order to prevent further damages to your Melbourne home and increasing number of possums making your Melbourne home their habitat.

For effective & friendly possum removal in Melbourne from a professional with many years experience, contact Possum Pete on 1800POSSUMS / 18007677867 or submit an enquiry.

Some signs that may indicate possum removal is required in your household include:

  • Scampering and thumping on the roof at night is one of the signs your home may be used by possums.
  • Hearing hissing sounds is another sign of infestation as this shows there may be multiple possums communicating to each other.

possuminfoThis means there is a highly likely chance that they are all using your home as a safe haven. Possums are wild animals by nature, they leave urine, droppings and food wherever they go. This would be building up in your roof and through into your wall cavities being soaked into your plaster. Possum control is a necessity to prevent future outbreaks from occurring.

The odour gradually builds and eventually becomes an unbearable smell as if something had just died and is rotting away. When chasing possums they tend to dive into one of the many cavity walls which makes extremely difficult to capture. There is a high likely hood that when a possum dies it will be in one of the wall cavities creating a constant rotting smell hence possum removal at first signs is recommended.

Possums are protected animals under the Native Animal Wildlife Act which state it is illegal for possum removal to be more than 50 metres from its original place. Proper license is needed to trap a possum by law. I have had much experience in removing possums. I will remove the possum in a professional manner leaving the animal unharmed.

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If you require assistance removing possums from your Melbourne home, call Possum Pete on 1800POSSUMS / 1800 7677 867.

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