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Warranty Details.

Our warranty covers any repairs and materials used by our servicemen for 12 months from our first visit. Your entire house is also covered for entry points missed by our servicemen.

If a possums return through our repairs or missed entry points we will remove the possum and repair entry points with no extra charges.

If we cannot remove possums a refund will be offered and our repairs removed.

Warranty Exclusions.

Entry points created by work carried out by anyone outside our business.

Deterioration caused by ageing including tile mortar/pointing.

Entry points created by possums after our hatches have been removed. (This is rare and may occur if possums have been left to live in your building for extended periods.

Sub floor areas are initially excluded from warranty, If we carry out repairs to sub floor they will be included in warranty.

Acts of god. (A common term used in insurance and warranty to cover storm damage, lighting damage, trees falling into roofs and any issues caused by nature).

Occasionally we find houses that due to damage or clients request to ignore potential entry points we cannot provide a full possum proof warranty. These issues will be verbally explained by the serviceman attending to your building and included in invoice details.

When we are required to provide a possum removal service without repairs we do not provide a warranty.

We can not be held responsible for damage caused by any animals.

Any questions please call 040POSSUMS

Using Your Warranty

If you have used our service and have noises return please follow this guide to ensure we can assist.

1. Have you paid? We provide a money back guarantee if we can not solve the problem. We can not continue to work on the problem until payment is made after our first visit. (Does not apply to tenants of leased properties)

2. Are noises back in the same place? Possums will always return to the same "bed room". Unless a possum can not access the same area of your house it will end up back in the same place. Noises in other areas can be possums trying to get back in, if we still have our hatch attached to your house the may be scratching at it. Monitor times of sounds for two nights to be sure its a re-entry.

3. What time are noises? Possums are creatures of habit and will make noises as they come and go each morning and evening. Rats are more likely to make noises through the night and are more likely to be scratching for periods as they gnaw on wood to slow the growth of their teeth. Rats often become more active once possums are removed. Monitor the time's of sounds and report back to your serviceman.

Failing to follow this guide for warranty use may incur extra charges or $110 for unnecessary visits to your house.

Possum Problems?

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